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Web Hosting Tips – How to Host a Website With a Big Database

January 19, 2023 Sarvar 0 Comments

Hosting a website with an expectation of an ample database can be really challenging because of bandwidth requirements. But, if you are smart enough to discover webmasters’ tricks, you won’t run into any problem with your web hosting service provider.

Starting out a website with a database script is easy in the beginning and you can start off with a shared hosting package. But as your traffic increases, your website uses more server resources and since it is on a shared platform, it may occasionally experience down times that may adversely affect your business. Even, if your website is hosted on a Linux server that optimizes multiple databases for better server performance, there is no guarantee that it won’t be affected by down times as the number of visitors increases.

Website down time is not a plus for any website because visitors would lose interest in revisiting such a site. They would believe that the site is not always available, hence, they wouldn’t want to waste their time revisiting it. In fact, they might even spread the word around that your website is not reliable and this can lead to a great loss for your business.

The only way out is to engage a hosting company with flexible plans to host your website. You can start off with a shared hosting plan and as your traffic increases you can then migrate to VPS. But if you can afford it, you can also start off with VPS hosting because you would be allocated a dedicated amount of resources. This way, your account can handle more database queries and you would probably experience fewer database errors.

Database errors are capable of frustrating you as it can lead to loss of data, thereby leading to spending a lot of your valuable time on backing up and restoring lost data. If you have a big database, this can be very demanding. But once you are on VPS, you can run scripts without exercising the fear of bringing down the server and subsequently being penalized. This will give you the feeling that you are on a dedicated server.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is the secret to a successful hosting of a large database. Your provider should always be there for you right from the start till you get to your destination. A provider should be flexible enough to allow you start on a shared platform, which is cheaper, and later migrate to VPS as your site grows. But if you can afford VPS from the scratch, good luck to you.

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